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North Yorkshire - England


Tel: +44 (0)7853 431727

All items available to view - and covered by our refund/guarantee of authenticity

PayPal protected payments accepted for all orders

Valuations can be given for the purposes of insurance, wills etc.

A charge is made based on the number of items and the time taken - currently claculated at £15 per hour.

In the majority of cases it is difficult to ascertain if items are genuine period pieces from images and it necessary for us to actually see and handle an item to be certain it is not one of the many copies, fakes or reproductions that are now readily available on the open market and an ever increasing problem to the collector. The carriage and the insurance of items in transit remains the responsibilty of the owner.

Valuations are based on an item's retail and insurance value, please be aware in the event of the item being sold to us we would offer 65% to 75% of its retail value.

If you require a valuation please contact us by email at richmondmilitaryantiques@gmail.com

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